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Phoenix Adjustable Bed Motorized Frame foundation base Phoenix heavy duty extra wide large Bariatric Bed

Phoenix Adjustable Beds

Phoenix Bariatric Beds

Read, relax, watch TV . . . OVER 1001 POSITIONS at the simple touch of a finger.  All Adjustable Bed sizes including Twin, Full, Queen, King - and for two people - the Dual Queen and the Dual King.  Many people buy adjustable beds for back condition, breathing, circulation, heart, hiatal hernia, hip and neck problems.  Simply press a button to find more comfortable positions.  Standard features include independent head and foot controls.  Select from 7 different electric adjustable bed manufacturers; including: Electropedic, Leggett & Platt, Flex-A-Bed, Supernal, Reverie, Primo and more.  Select from our Innerspring, Memory Foam and 100% Pure Talalay Latex.  The Latex Matttresses come in 7" thick, 9" thick, and THE ULTIMATE 11" thick.

Bariatric Beds are intended for people who are overweight. A bariatric hospital bed is one that has been reinforced to support a greater weight capacity than a standard hospital bed. The best bariatric beds must not only support the extra weight of a large patient, but also do so comfortably for the end-user. They frequently have larger width and length measurements in order to accommodate patients of all sizes. This means that bariatric beds are ideal for obese patients, maternity wards, sleep labs, and patients undergoing rehabilitation who require a therapist to be on the bed with them.  Bariatric Beds come in 42" wide, 48" wide, 53" wide and 60" wide.  The range of weight is from 450 pounds to 1000 lbs.

Hospital Beds  Phoenix Latex pedic mattress 
  • Phoenix Hospital Beds: allow you to elevate your back and legs electrically to almost any position you want. A manual crank can raise and lower the entire bed. It should be noted that an adjustable bed functions similarly to a semi-electric hospital bed. (Adjustable leg height is also an option.) The price includes a set of Half Side Rails or Full Side Rails as well as a vinyl-covered mattress (many mattress upgrades available). The dimensions of a standard hospital bed are 36" wide by 80" long. A 3-Motor Hi-Lo Electric Hospital Bed is similarlto a semi-electric hospital bed, but it has a third motor that allows for the whole bed to electrically adjust up and down.  The third motor is useful for getting in and out of bed, as well as for the caregiver, who does not have to bend as far to assist the patient.  Also good for transfering in and out of bed.

  • Phoenix Latex Mattressses:  The World's Most Natural Sleep Material -  Latex is the most popular natural bedding material. Our Talalay has a unique buoyant quality that relaxes muscles and relieves tension, allowing you to sleep away the stresses of the day. Attentive attention to detail at every stage ensures that this amazing feeling is conveyed in the finished product.  Made in the United States:  All of our products are approved. Made in the United States in our Shelton, Connecticut factory.  BREATHABLE For cooler sleep, our Talalay breathes up to 7 times better than other latex or foams.  HYPOALLERGENIC.  Mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites are not attracted to our Talalay.  ODORLESS.  Talalay Global provides an odorless product.  FRIENDLY TO THE ENVIRONMENT.  Our Talalay products are all made from natural Talalay latex rubber.  HEALTHY TALALAY  All of our Talalay latex products are Oeko-Tex class 1 certified, making them suitable for babies.

phoenix lift chair recliner  Phoenix Porch Lift wheelchair elevator vertical platform mobile home porchlift
  • Phoenix Lift Chairs:  Golden and Pride Power Lift Recliners offer the ultimate in style and performance. Power lift chair recliners are intended to be both functional and fashionable additions to your home's décor. Each lift chair recliner is made with quality and dependability in mind, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Whatever style, color, fabric or size lift chair recliner you prefer, Electropedic is sure to have a model that will meet your specific requirements. The MaxiComfort series by Golden is probably the most comfortable chair recliners we've ever sold.  Compare the patented Twilight Technology that cradles your body, allowing you to achieve extreme Zero gravity, Rejuvenate, and TV-watching positions while enjoying the world's finest power reclining experience! Golden's Twilight lift recliners, now with adjustable headrest and lumbar support, offer the most rejuvenating positions to find the perfect angle for ultimate comfort and relaxation.   Also check out the Brisa fabric that has unique ventilation properties with a the ultimate, luxurious feel.

The Mac's Vertical Home Lift PL-50 is built for everyday use in the home. It is simple to use, simple to install, and virtually maintenance free. The Mac's VPL Vertical Home Lift has been meticulously designed, including a non-slip platform, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy access, a safety ramp, and railing with all rolled edges.  The Mac's Vertical Home Lift PL-50 is designed to meet and exceed the demands of residential applications.  The drive system operates in all weather conditions.  The key-operated, constant pressure switch allows you to start, stop, and change directions at any time. The electrical system is elevated above ground and weatherproofed. To further protect the lift from the elements, it is finished with an automotive grade powder coat. The Mac's Vertical Home Lift PL-50 is strong enough to lift and lower up to 750 pounds and is compatible with all electric wheelchairs and scooters.  You will not find a better-built product for your money on the market. We are so confident in this that the Mac's Vertical Home Lift PL-50 comes with a new 5-year limited warranty, another industry first. 

GoGo Phoenix sport travel elite 3 wheel senior electric scooter  Phoenix Pride Jazzy electric wheelchair select elite powerchair 
  • Phoenix Electric 3 and 4-Wheel Scooters: When it comes to your hectic, on-the-go lifestyle, you need an electric mobility scooter that can keep up. Pride's Go-Go Travel Mobility series has a variety of mobility scooters to meet your requirements. With Pride's travel scooter lineup, you can enjoy total convenience and exceptional features! Pride electric scooters are in a league of their own when it comes to mobility solutions. There is a scooter for every budget and application, with different models that will cater to your specific needs. From compact to full-sized, you'll find the ideal Pride® motorized scooter. Go-Go Travel Mobility 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel Models: Ultra X, Sport, Elite Traveller Plus, LX with CTS Suspension, Go-Go Folding Scooter, and Iride. The Zero Turn, Wrangler, Victory® LX Sport, Victory® 10.2, Revo® 2.0, Raptor, Victory® 10, Victory®, and the heavy duty Maxima.

 Jazzy Power Chairs provide a variety of mobility solutions that are designed for use in the real world. There is a Jazzy Power Chair to suit everyone's needs, from lightweight models to robust models with Active-Trac® ATX Suspension for enhanced performance over varied terrain. It's no surprise that the Jazzy Power Chair is America's #1 Power Chair, thanks to its superb construction, unparalleled maneuverability, and ease of operation. Taking You to New Heights! Feel your self-esteem soar as you drive in style! The Jazzy Air® 2 performs admirably and propels you to greater heights. You'll Enjoy the Performance! It's unlike anything you've ever experienced! Superior suspension ensures a smooth, comfortable ride as well as exceptional maneuverability. The Most Popular Power Chair! Select the Jazzy® Advantage!  When it comes to intuitive controls and effortless maneuverability, the Jazzy advantage provides ultimate convenience and dependable performance. 


KRAUS STAIR LIFTS is a division of Electropedic Since 1964.
Founded by Lloyd Kraus, President of Electropedic,
Specializing in Indoor, Outdoor & Curved Stair Lifts

907 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank 800-233-7382
Open Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4  SERVING ALL AREAS
Phoenix Straight Indoor Stairlifts Phoenix Straight Outdoor Stairlift
  • Phoenix Indoor straight stair lifts: combine quality, comfort, and style; providing worry-free access and a premium design that blends in with the environment of your home. Consider options like power swivel seat and power folding footrest to tailor your outdoor stair lift to your specific needs.  Folding seat, armrests, and footrest.  Rails designed that save space. The armrest control glides the stairlift up and down smoothly. There are also two wireless remotes included. When not in use, fold the stairlift to save space.  Swivel seat rotates up to 90 degrees for a safe exit from the top landing. Safety is ensured by obstruction sensors and a retractable seat belt.  The ride is gentle and quiet, with a soft start/stop. The continuous-charging battery operation ensures that the stairlift operates even in the event of a power outage.

  • Phoenix Straight Outdoor Stairlifts:  Enjoy your outdoor living spaces to the fullest.  Outdoor Straight stairlifts are designed to withstand varying climates and includes weather-resistant seat materials, a light-weight cover, and an anodized aluminum rail to ensure you can rely on your chairlift for years to come.  Weather resistant thanks to marine-grade vinyl, durable outdoor paint, and a lightweight cover.   Design That Saves Space:  The narrow vertical rail allows for the most open space on the steps. When not in use, the footrest, arms, and seat all fold up.  Simple to Use.  The armrest control moves the stairlift up and down. At the top landing, the seat swivels up to 90° for a safe exit. Remote call/sends included.  Ride is smooth and quiet.   Reliable, safe battery operation ensures lift operation even in the event of a power outage. Rider safety is enhanced by obstruction sensors and retractable seat felt.

Phoenix curved bruno cre2110 handicare freecurve 2000 helix stair chair lift  phoenix az curved outdoor stair chairlifts
  • Phoenix Curved Indoor Chair Stair Lifts:  The quality and comfort of our curved stair lifts are unrivaled. Add power options to further tailor your curved chair lift to your needs. Top-Rated Quality.  For maximum comfort, choose a padded, generously sized, adjustable chair. Easy-To-Use Operation.  The armrest control raises and lowers the stairlift. There are also two wireless remote controls included. When not in use, the arms, seat, and footrest can be folded to save space.  Integrated Security.  At the top of the stairs, the seat swivels up to 90° for a safe exit. Obstruction sensors and a retractable seatbelt add to the safety.  Reliable Service.  Even in the event of a power outage, the stairlift is powered by continuously charging batteries.

  •  Phoenix Curved Outdoor Stair Chairlifts:  Relax outside with an easy-to-use Outdoor Curved stair lifts that are designed specifically for your home and varying weather conditions.  Ruggedly Designed For The Elements.  The stairlift is protected by marine-grade vinyl, long-lasting outdoor paint, and a waterproof cover.  Effortless Operation.  The armrest control moves the stairlift up and down. At the top landing, the seat swivels up to 90° for a safe exit away from the stairs. Keyed remote call/send is also available.  Design That Saves Space The narrow vertical rail allows for the most open space on the steps. When not in use, the footrest, arms, and seat all fold up.  Dependable, safe battery operation ensures lift operation even in the event of a power outage. The stairlift rider is kept safe by obstruction sensors and a retractable seat belt.


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